Quality Assurance

We have assured quality in our products such as Industrial Machine Knives and Blades, Power Press (C Type), by making them pass through stringent quality checks. Only after making sure that our machines pass all the quality checks we send them for the approval to be sent for use. We have machines which are in compilation with latest IS standards and are checked by our team of quality experts. Our quality team has knowledge of both theoretical and practical in their areas. We are able to innovate our products and ensure that we rise the bar of our products every time.

Infrastructure Facility

We have a state of the art infrastructure facility which helps us produce our products on time and ensuring that quality is well delivered with the requirements of the client. We have different units which are segregated according to different types of work. Our different units comprise of Production unit, Quality testing unit, Warehousing and packaging unit, Sales and marketing, Logistics unit etc. Segregation of work in different units has helped us achieve our goals faster and deliver premium quality products in timely frame. We are providing with a range of machines which includes:

  • CNC wire Cut
  • Shearing Machine 2550mm X 6mm
  • Lathe Machines - 4feet to 16Feet
  • Shaper machines-36"
  • Radial Drill
  • Spot welding,Mig Welding & Arc welding machine.
  • Planner machines.
  • Surface Grinders
  • Drill machines etc.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is one of our top most priorities when dealing with our clients. We believe that a happy customer is always a fruitful customer. It not helps in getting new clients for your business but a happy customer always becomes a loyal customer. With the help of our team continuous and dedicated efforts we have been able to win our client's hearts and satisfy them with our products. We have a wide range of clients not just in our country but we export even in outside countries. Some of our export countries are:

Sri Lanka
Oman etc.

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